Ventilation system

100% fresh air is provided to Maya Akar Center. There are 4 fresh air handling units located in corners of B block (Main tower) floors and one each in independent quarter sections. These plants, each with a capacity of 1500 m3 of fresh air, pass the fresh air taken from the external environment through the filters and bring the temperature of this air to 180C with independent hot / cold water given by the central heating / cooling system according to the season. Users have the possibility of increasing or decreasing the temperature of the supplied fresh air in the ± 50C range by setting the temperature to 180C in the individual sections.

Floor Air Conditioning Unit 4 Unit
Capacity 4x1500m3 / h per floor Filtered fresh air
Internal Air Temperature 180C
Summer Season: Cooling
Winter Season: Heating
Setting the temperature ±50C