Maya Akar center is the most popular business center in Istanbul and the first skyscraper. It is 110 m high and is located in the middle of Esentepe. It consists of 2 blocks, B and C. It is a remarkable complex with an open and closed area of 47.704 m2 and an original architectural concept that adapts to the skyline of the city.

In Maya Akar Center, B Block ( main tower ) consists of 30 floors, C Block ( Atrium ) consists of 3 floors and garage consists of 4 floors. B Block has a total floor of 1,090 M2. Floors can be used as a full floor, half floor (545 m2) and quarter floor (272,50 M2) can be used as well.

With the main entrance of Tower B Block, the entrance floor of Atrium, called Block C, performs a very splendid reception with its coloured marble flooring, decorative walls and ceilings, opaque lighting.

All static and reinforced concrete projects of Maya Akar Center have been prepared by Balkar engineering. After the 1999 earthquake, the project engineer conducted the controls and controls related to the static and reinforced concrete of the building and reported the earthquake safety report.

The fronts of Maya Akar Center are covered with 6 mm flat glass + 12 mm air gap + 6 mm blue/ green color Solar controlled tempered High Performance Glass.

B-Block Floors 30 Flors
B-Block Full Floor Space 1.090 m2
B-Block Half Floor Space 545 m2
B-Block Quarter Floor Space 272,50 m2
C-Block Full Floor Space 3
C-Block Entrance Floor Space 1.076 m2
C-Block Suspended Floor  487 m2
C-Block 1.Floor Area 892 m2
C-Block 2.Floor Area 892 m2
Parking Capacity 247 Vehicle (4 Garage Floor)
Total Area 47.704 m2